Rakeback at Moonspin Casino

Curious about ways to elevate the sweepstakes casino adventure for even more excitement? To shed light on this concept, let’s delve into rakeback, a fundamental aspect of rewards utilized by online casinos. Here, players are ensured to receive a portion of the house edge on every bet they make. In our case, we prioritize rewarding our players, not only for their wins, but for their dedication and activity on our platform.

Instant Rakeback

One of the perks of playing at Moonspin Casino is the Instant Rakeback feature. With Instant Rakeback, players receive an immediate 5% return from the house edge on every bet they place. This instant reward adds extra funds and a layer of excitement to every gaming session, ensuring that players feel valued right from the start.

Weekly Rakeback

Every Monday, players have the chance to claim 3% of the house edge as part of their Weekly Rakeback. This regular bonus injection provides players with a consistent stream of rewards to enhance their gaming experience.

Monthly Rakeback

On the first day of each month, players can claim 2% of the house edge as part of their Monthly Rakeback. This monthly bonus serves as a special gift to kick off the new month with additional winnings.

How to Claim Your Rakeback

Very easy! Head over to your ‘Bonuses’ section from your profile menu drop-down and claim your rewards when they are available!

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